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MPAction Newsletter - March 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Shelly Schweizer
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Massachusetts Psychological Association Newsletter

March 2017

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Marijuana and Opioid Use and Abuse: Clinical Research and Treatment Issues (6CE)
Presented by A. Edin Evans, M.D.; Martha T. Kane, Ph.D. and James McKowen, Ph.D. of Massachusetts General Hospital
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Health Psychology Conference (6CE)
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Thanks to Our
Sustaining Members
Susan Abelson, Ph.D.
Rochelle Albin, Ph.D.
Robert Barden, Psy.D.
Gerald Borofsky, Ph.D.
Lauren Brown, Psy.D.
Dawn Cisewski, Psy.D.
Mary Coakley-Welch, Ph.D.
Thomas Cottle, Ph.D.
Laura Craig-Bray, Ph.D.
Susan Czernicka, Ed.D.
Eugene D'Angelo, Ph.D., ABPP
Jessica Henderson Daniel, Ph.D., ABPP
Margaret Guyer Deason, Ph.D.
Luanna Devenis, Ph.D.
Naomi Dogan, Ph.D.
Kevin Domingos, Ph.D.
Joshua Eagle, Psy.D.
William Fischer, Ph.D.
Kevin Flynn, Ph.D.
Margaret Fogel, Ph.D.
Lisa Fusaro, Psy.D.
Lisa Gallagher, Psy.D.
Ravi Gatha, Ph.D.
Jennifer Gentile, Psy.D.
Dennis Girard, E.D.
Mary Dee Glynn Roux, Psy.D.
Michael Goldberg, Ph.D.
David Gottesman, Ph.D.
Beatrice Guilbault, Ph.D.
Peter Harakas, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Harrington, Ph.D.
Karin Hodges, Psy.D.
Christopher Huvos, Psy.D.
Maria Iacobbo, Ph.D.
Kristen Ihde, Psy.D.
Maegan Kenney
Michael Jacques, Ph.D.
Nancy Klug, Psy.D.
Gerald Koocher, Ph.D. ABPP
Alexis Kovacs, Psy.D.
Stephanie Kriesberg, Psy.D.
Nilda Laboy, Psy.D.
Mabel Lam, Ph.D.
Carol Leavell, Ph.D.
Elaine LeClair, Ph.D.
James Leffert, Ed.D.
Harry Leichtman, Ph.D.
Maureen Levine, Ph.D.
Rhonda Linde, Ph.D.
Lisa Livshin, Ed.D.
Michele Lyons, Psy.D..
Kumkum Malik, Psy.D.
Timothy Martin, Ph.D.
Honor McClellan, Ph.D.
David McDowell, Ph.D.
Christine McElroy, Ph.D.
Jeremy Mirsky, Ph.D.
Joseph Moldover, Psy.D.
Joan Murray, Ph.D.
Daphne Papadopoulos, Psy.D.
Jennifer Patton, Ph.D.
Catherine Perry, Ph.D.
David Perry, Ph.D.
Susan Phillips, Ph.D.
Andrea Piatt, Ph.D.
Claudette Pierre, Ph.D.
Karen Postal, Ph.D.
Jean Powell, Ph.D.
Katie Randall-Sungar, Psy.D.
Elise Rockart, Ph.D.
Nancy Roosa, Psy.D.
Ruthie Rowbotham, Psy.D.
Kent Rude, Ph.D.
Susan Rudman, Ed.D.
Nancy Santoro, Psy.D.
Abigail Seibert, Ph.D.
Bruce Shackleton, Ed.D.
Janine Stasior, Ph.D.
Leslie Sternberg, Psy.D.
Robert Straus, DMH JD
Carolyn Stone, Ed.D.
Adele Traniello, Ed.D.
Anthony Traniello, Ph.D.
Heather Veague, Ph.D.
Audrey A. Wagner, Ph.D.
Charles West, Ph.D.
Donna Whipple, Psy.D.
Kathryn Yamartino, Psy.D.
Joel Ziff, Ed.D.
MPA Board of Directors
Dawn Cisewski, Psy.D.
Past President
Abigail A. Seibert, Ph.D.
Alexander Solodyna, Psy.D.
Wendy Vincent, Psy.D.

Directors at Large:
Brad Brummett, Ph.D.
Charmain Jackman, Ph.D.
Carolyn Snell, Ph.D.
Martin Pierre, Ph.D.
Regional Representatives:
Metro Region
Margaret Lanca, Ph.D.
North Region
Susan Rudman, Ed.D.
South Region
Catherine Perry, Ph.D.
Central Region
Jennifer Lish, Ph.D.
Western Region
Tracey Rocha Phelon, Ph.D.
Doctoral Student Representative
Sean Flanagan, M.A.
APA Council Representative
Eugene D'Angelo, Ph.D.
MPA Staff
Brian Doherty
Executive Director
Ext. 15

Jennifer Warkentin, Ph.D.
Director of Professional Affairs
Ext. 21

Michael Goldberg, Ph.D.

Associate Director of
Professional Affairs
Lynne Casey
Membership Associate
Ext. 13
Shelly Schweizer
Membership Development
Ext. 10

A good time was had by all at the MPA and Committee on Ethnic and Minority Affairs Lunar New Year Celebration Dinner Social.

Letter From the President
Dawn Cisewski, Psy.D.

We are a community, one that values diversity and inclusion. Recently, I have had discussions with many individuals, including fellow psychologists, professors, Deans, students, and patients, in which there have been reactions of distress and concern in regard to recent events in our society. I have heard my students' concerns and witnessed anxiety in their facial expressions, since many do not know what the future may hold for them. I have seen the distress of faculty and administrative personnel as they try to reassure students in difficult times. As a psychologist, I have had patients express their concern in regard to health care coverage, as well as distress about concerns of acts of prejudice and discrimination. As a colleague, I have also observed the distress in psychologists who have been affected by the possible changes that may be occurring.This is a time of uncertainty for many, and as such, it is a time when we must join together to support and advocate for each other and our patients. As President of MPA, I am committed to creating a strong community and organization to do so

Brian's Bulletin: What's New at MPA
Brian Doherty
MPA Executive Director

Here's a fast-paced roundup of what's new at MPA, including new programs, recent news and events, and opportunities for you to become more involved with MPA.

Committee Participation and Seeking an LGBTQ Interest Group Chair
The Executive Committee and BoD updated the MPA Committee and Interest Group structure in 2016 to sunset committees that were inactive and not vital to our mission, and to ensure that all committees were active with Chairs. Two groups were maintained in the governance structure that did not have current chairs. President Cisewski appointed Mary-Dee Glynn-Roux Psy.D. and Andrew Richlin, Psy.D. after they expressed interest in chairing the Child and Adolescent Committee.

Report from the Director of Professional Affairs
Jennifer Warkentin, Ph.D.
MPA Director of Professional Affairs

As we enter a new membership year, I would like to take a moment to highlight the many benefits of membership, both tangible and intangible. We continue to offer free legal consults with the esteemed Eric Harris, and discounts to the many CE programs we sponsor as part of our member benefits. In addition, we now offer the MPA Mentorship Program, which matches early- to mid-career psychologists with more senior practitioners (you can apply to be a mentor or mentee through our website). We have also launched our brand new Practice Tools and Resources page, which provides resources and links to a wide variety of practice-related topics, including general practice issues such as HIPAA, evidence-based practice, and sample forms, as well as Massachusetts-specific resources, such as recordkeeping requirements, mandated reporting forms, and licensure. If you haven't had a chance to explore these resources, I highly recommend spending a few minutes getting familiar with them.

Advocacy Committee News:
Advocacy in the Trump Era
Jim Leffert, Ed.D.
Advocacy Committee Chair

What are the implications so far of the Trump presidency, together with a Republican majority in Congress, for mental health, for the psychological profession, and for MPA's advocacy efforts? I will say more about this in a moment, but first, the Administration's executive order on refugees, the broader deportation sweeps of non-residents, including people without criminal records, and the proposed repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), among other matters, have understandably dominated media coverage and commentary.
One consequence of this is that other issues are losing out on the oxygen of media attention! The Boston Globe and WBUR, in succession, did not publish an opinion piece that I submitted that followed up on the Globe Spotlight Team's series late last year on deficiencies in the Massachusetts mental health treatment system-a piece that highlights the role of MassHealth and private insurers' payment practices in these deficiencies. I hope, though, that you will read it by clicking here.

Report from the APA Council of Representatives
Eugene J. D'Angelo, PhD
APA Council of Representatives, Massachusetts

Dear Colleagues,
The Council of Representatives met in Washington, DC on February 24 & 25, 2017. The meeting was very forward-looking and there was considerable success in moving through the agenda. Here is a "Summary of Actions" taken by the Council.

Amendments to APA Bylaws
-- Council voted to approve forwarding to the Membership amendments to Article V of the Bylaws which update descriptions of the Board of Directors leadership roles and responsibilities to comply with current IRS requirements. A ballot will be sent to the Membership for a vote on May 1, 2017. This ballot is being sent in May (instead of November) in order to meet IRS timelines for clarifying APA's compliance with tax requirements.
-- Council also voted to approve forwarding to the Membership amendments to Article V, Section 7 of the Bylaws which will ensure one seat on the Council of Representatives for each Division and State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Association. The ballot will be sent to the Membership for a vote on November 1, 2017. If approved by the Membership, it will apply to the Apportionment Ballot for the 2019 legislative year.

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